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Clina Lancet Laboratories Approved for COVID-19 Testing - Reiterates its Commitment to Partnering with the Lagos State Government to Fight COVID-19


Clina Lancet Laboratories has been approved for private testing of COVID-19 to expand the testing capacity of Lagos State. The laboratory was selected among others and approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Health to carry out the COVID-19 test after a rigorous accreditation and validation process by the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) and the Lagos State Bio-Bank. As one of the accredited laboratories in Nigeria with a wide network spanning across 14 countries in Africa and beyond, Clina-Lancet is able to carry out quality laboratory investigation for individuals with health needs as well as health checks.  

According to Dr. Olayemi Dawodu, MD/CEO of Clina Lancet Laboratories ‘We are happy to be partnering with the government in the fight against COVID-19. This partnership will enable a larger number of people to have access to the COVID-19 test thereby increasing our testing capacity as a country and bringing us closer to fighting the global pandemic’, based on the determination of the actual prevalence in Nigeria.

‘In addition to increasing Nigeria's capacity for testing, this partnership and accreditation is in line with our vision to be the undisputed market leader that provides an extensive range of specialized and advanced tests to support the fight against key health issues such as the COVID -19 affecting our continent.’ This tests results are guaranteed 24-48hours after sample collection.

RT Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the recommended and widely accepted testing system. It provides a more accurate result, detecting RNA genetic information of the virus, if it is present in an actively infected person. ‘Patients are required to book for the COVID-19 test on our website (www.lancet.com.ng) following which they would be contacted by a personnel in our organization.

Asides patients coming to our centers for the tests, we also provide premium home testing to individuals who require more privacy and need our medical service in their homes. We however assure and respect the privacy of all patients within and outside our facilities. In addition, our ISO15189 international accreditation positions us to be the laboratory anyone can trust to offer high-quality investigations and reporting.’

Clina Lancet Laboratories is an ultramodern technologically advanced and independent group of pathology laboratories that provides medical laboratory, consultative and referral services, with the most extensive range of tests including but not limited to routine, specialized and advanced tests for clinical, research, screening, industrial, environmental and occupational health.